Spring’s the Agency for Change: what unites our clients is ambition for their project to make a real impact. But change can be frightening, and if mishandled it can be dangerous too. That’s why clients with big ambitions and challenging targets need real expertise on their side.

Lunch 2 May

And, harking back of all of our school days, this time of year always feels like a time for resolutions. Holiday firms and gyms see a spike in bookings and membership, and businesses look to their processes, product range – and of course, what remains of their annual targets – and approaches them with renewed vigour.

What the summer break allows us all to do is to focus and get our heads round our priorities: this is the great starting point for your journey towards change.  The ancient Greeks had a word ‘metanoia’ which best translates as ‘change of heart and mind’ – a resolution that comes from a place of honesty deep within, and which is therefore far more likely to stick than one made in haste, as a knee-jerk reaction to external stimulae.

We are described as The Agency For Change, because Spring works best with clients who have an ambitious vision for the future and want the guidance of a capable, collaborative team. We know that change can be challenging, and have the experience, passion and processes in place to make the journey towards change an enjoyable and successful experience.

Our Three Square Marketing Programme divides projects into three phases: Consult, Create and Campaign. These allow us to take a deep dive into a client’s business and audience, set a strong direction towards ambitious targets, develop creative responses which are not only bold and well crafted but also absolutely on point, and deliver them effectively across audience-appropriate channels and media.

At Spring, we know that change can’t be a surface level thing. It has to run deep. We’ll usually start by working with employees and other highly-connected stakeholders, workshopping with them to ensure that they are invested in the process and are having their voices heard. Not only do we learn some real organisational truths this way, but it also kick-starts the process of embedding a new approach deep into the workings of a business or community.

This policy of checking in with the people who spend their lives engaged with an organisation will continue at key stages of a project: similarly, we’ll invest a great deal of time and thought into understanding a project’s target audience, through research, persona development and immersion for the Spring team in their world to ensure we all understand their motivations, ambitions and concerns.

From there, the process of change has a variety of building blocks, every one of them essential and carefully honed: capacity, scale of opportunity, available skills and equipment, infrastructure, insights and creative ideas, planning the launch and project legacy – even down to the nitty-gritty of budgets, timetabling and supplier management. In other words, change must be managed inside and out: and that’s what Spring’s about.

So if you’re in ‘back to school’ mode, have some ambitious targets to hit before the year end, or a brainwave to make real, or simply want to renew your focus – and if your heart’s in it, your mind’s made and you want to make sure that this resolution sticks – perhaps you need to speak to us at Spring, the Agency for Change. We’ll make your change a real case of Metanoia.

You can contact us here or by calling Erika on +44 (0) 1502 726161.