Part of our approach to a subtle repositioning of The Bruisyard Country Estate is commissioning illustration from Louisa ‘Dubs’ Marcq.

The Bruisyard Country Estate is spread over 700 acres of formal and informal gardens, farmland, wildflower meadows and woodland. It’s home to wildlife including red and white deer, a fabulous range of butterflies and birds, and a plethora of flowers.

At its heart, you’ll find the gorgeous Bruisyard Hall, a house as full of history as it is of happy vibes. Barns, stables and other buildings allow people to host spectacular events: mainly Wedding Weekends, and all manner of other celebrations and occassions.

The estate is privately owned by a longstanding Suffolk family, who work diligently to preserve this wonderful place for future generations of their own family and others. Following an extensive refurbishment a few years ago, the Hall and its surroundings offer a 5* experience that allows up to 28 people to treat it as their own home for as long as they’re in residence.

Spring is working with the family and their small, dedicated team to help more people discover this exquisite place. As part of a complete strategic overhaul of their marketing, we are collaborating with creators and artists whose own profile matches Bruisyard’s values.

As a start, we’re having a fantastic time with Louisa ‘Dubs’ Marcq, whose joyous pictures are packed full of detail and character, really helping to communicate everything that people can enjoy when they become temporary householders of Bruisyard. She’s a Suffolk girl, raised in another of the county’s great houses, who brings warmth and wit to her illustrations. It’s a match made in …Suffolk!

Here you see Erika and George taking her through our strategy, the brand narrative, Bruisyard’s extensive photo library and our thoughts on content for her work. The final piece will be huge, and allow people to get a sense of the scale of the Estate. Full of interesting detail, Louisa’s work will be used in marketing materials as a whole, and also by taking details and applying them to our designs to illustrate specific messages.