Can My Seven Year Old Take On The Terminator?

Human shaking hands with robot

No, my youngest son isn’t super human, he can’t lift 300 kilos and he’s still not ever so happy about going to sleep with the light off, but could he outsmart a terminator? The honest answer is if a T1000 was really out there then probably not. However machine learning and Artificial Intelligence aren’t quite at the T2 2029 stage yet, we’re a few years off, so right here, right now, I guess he could.

Why my interest in Artificial Intelligence?

Well as a marketer with a particular passion for SEO, machine learning and Big Data which drives AI has been part of our daily life for some time and I’m keen to watch
how it evolves further. In SEO we constantly refer to the lords of search, Google, who created much interest around the use of AI during their recent I/O conference. Google demonstrated Duplex, its virtual assistant, which they showed engaging in conversation with an unknowing restaurant customer looking to book a table. The assistant answered questions over the phone, even pausing with “ummm” and “errrrr” as a human might. To do this it has to understand the context of the question, just as we humans would.

While new emerging AI is incredible, it’s still early days. The next generation of AI is still a few years off so my seven year old shouldn’t worry about Terminators yet!

Some industry commentators say we may see Artificial General Intelligence, where machines have the capacity to think and understand like a human, as soon as the mid 2020’s. Many of us have conversations with Google, Siri, Cortina or Alexa on a daily basis so it’s becoming more commonplace. My children are fascinated by how Siri is able to provide answers to questions that their dad can’t.

As marketers and website owners we must face the fact that we need to continue adapting our approach to content, ensuring it’s relevant for voice search and that Google can understand the context. Creating content in natural language, focusing on winning position ‘0’ and using structured mark-up are just some of our SEO tactics being used.

If this means nothing to you, just ask your phone – it’ll have all the answers!