The Unruly Pig


Brand: Punk Pig


To develop a stand-out, bold and edgy brand for Suffolk’s coolest new pub.


  • Bronze for Best Illustration at the Creative Circle Awards
  • Sunday Times/Financial Times/Telegraph recommended
  • Recast in Bronze as hero art piece for the restaurant

When The Unruly Pig came to us in December 2014 we knew straight away that it presented the opportunity to create something remarkable. Looking to open a pub and kitchen in Woodbridge that sets out to serve ‘probably the best food in Suffolk’, they needed something that stood out: a distinctive brand identity that no other pub could emulate.

And there’s no better way to stand out then to have a bespoke illustration drawn for you – The Unruly Pig team trusted Spring to go the whole hog* and to create everything from scratch. The striking drawing of the Pig took shape over several days and, together with a custom-made website and social media channels, The Unruly Pig’s brand was swiftly established. It’s punk, maverick and unafraid: it’s been a huge success.

As well as providing a unique image, the drawing allows great scope for The Unruly Pig to grow their brand organically. Already, many of the pub’s junior customers have got a little unruly and put their own creative spin on the pig thanks to the children’s menu colouring page.

And as a satisfying postscript, another Spring client told us a few weeks later that he was so taken by the new Unruly Pig signs that when he first saw them he almost crashed his car – how’s that for standing out?

*we couldn’t resist

The Unruly Pig logo

We filmed the whole process to create a timelapse of the process.

Creating the Unruly Pig illustration

We filmed the whole process to create a timelapse of the process.