Circus Hassani


Website: the greatest show on earth


To create a website to promote Circus Hassani's summer season in Southwold.


  • A colourful new website which combined the fun of the circus with the feel of Southwold

Hassani has a long and proud heritage – it first opened its big top in the 1970s, and owner Mina Houssain is the grand-daughter of the original Coco the Clown. So it was only right that our design style took inspiration from the great circus posters of the past and combined it with everything that makes Southwold special.

Using an illustrative style we recreated the summer performers in the midst of their performance, and had them move about the screen, dropping in from the top and popping up from the bottom to capture the exciting, unpredictable nature of circus.

We also wrote all the copy for the site, informing people about the show, the performers and the fascinating history of Circus Hassani, all in the unmistakeable voice of a circus announcer.

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Circus Hassani
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