Nursing and Midwifery Council


Brand: EDI at the NMC


To create a strapline and visual identity for a campaign about equality, diversity and inclusion in the NMC. It needed to be one that could be used both for a campaign and going forward.


  • A visual representation of inclusivity and diversity through shape and colour.
  • A logo which is easily recognisable as part of the NMC brand.
  • A strapline which conveys the concept clearly and effectively.

Spring worked with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to create an identity which would support their campaign around equality, diversity and inclusion. The requirement was for a cohesive overarching brand for the messaging they were providing.

Our design for the logo and its application used overlapping circles as its main feature; the intersection points create new spaces and tints, reflecting the connection and diversity of the organisation. The strapline draws out the fact that a diverse membership brings a wealth of different skills and experiences which actively benefits the NMC colleagues and the people. It was important to underline this is not a new goal for the NMC, a knee-jerk reaction to current issues such as Black Lives Matter, but something that has always been (and will always be) important, so used the present continuous tense to communicate this. We also took advantage of the dual meaning of ‘practice’ to bring together the medical aspect and the fact this something that was physically happening, not just a theoretical exercise.

Using the new identity we designed the Research and Summary reports. The 126-page Full Report, with pages of charts, graphs and numbered lists, required a light touch. Conversely, the Summary report allowed for a more vibrant use of the logo features. Both documents incorporated accessibility features such as alternate text for charts and figures, bookmarked sections and other key features such as point size and colour contrasts.