Jordon Freight


Brand: through it all for a freight business


To create a brand that would set Jordon apart from their competitors

Our insight was nothing stands in Jordon’s way when it comes to meeting their clients’ promises. Their determination and resilience means that the level of customer service they deliver is second to none, and so our new brand had to communicate this.

We came up with a positioning statement that represents their gritty dedication to going over and above to deliver: ‘through it all.’ For the appearance of the brand, we realised people recognised the Jordon logo and it had real equity. Therefore, instead of starting from scratch, we evolved the logo into something more robust and evocative, with a chrome and orange colour palette.

We applied the brand across a brochure, stationery, merchandise and crucially, a new website. Every brand asset underpinned Jordon’s rugged functionality. Their new site is fully responsive and highly intuitive for visitors, with the main aim of making it as easy as possible for people to navigate and for Jordon’s sales team to provide them with quotes. A video banner on the homepage emphasises the ‘Through it all’ message, with ‘dashcam’-style footage of a lorry battling through extreme weather conditions.

Jordon logo night
Jordon logo chrome
Jordon logo
Jordon office design
Jordon logo
The Jordon team