Brand: Focus and Grow


To launch and grow schools catering on a commercial footing


  • eats now caters to schools and council offices across four counties

Did you know: 85% of the school lunches in Suffolk are cooked from scratch that day – including the bread? Not just that, but raw ingredients include Marriage’s flour and Havensfield eggs.

So when the Suffolk schools catering service was spun out and required a recognisable brand to take it onto a more commercial footing, Spring strongly advised them to maximise their assets in a clear market. And East Anglian Taste for Schools – eats – was born.

Over the course of six months, we worked with eats to develop a toolkit of information pieces and communication channels. These included Primary and Secondary menus, Treats reward cards, an informative website, uniforms and School Forum groups to give children a say in their own meals.

Our goal was to create a clear identity and tone of voice of which they could be proud, and help them work with it to grow into a sustainable business. This has been achieved, comfortably.

EATS homepage
EATS paper menus
EATS cook