West Suffolk College


Brand: forging business connections for students


To create a brand suite for the new Careers and Connections department that that will have an internal and external facing remit.


  • A bold style that can be used across many platforms and engages with the young people.

The Careers and Connections Department at West Suffolk College ensures students receive the very best advice, guidance and connections for business and industry as possible. 

It is very much a collaborative effort, so the logo we created used two halves of a circle to form the two Cs, implying that together Careers and Connections make a whole. The overlap emphasises the connection and highlights the service requires collaboration between the stakeholders to achieve success.

The colour palette gives it a subtle connection to the wider West Suffolk College identity, and the curved elements of the device are used to frame three separate images and/or pieces of copy, allowing different sections to tell a story or demonstrate the offering. The overlay and the text that stretches across the whole image then represents the connection between the three elements with Careers and Connections acting as the link. Merging colours represent the overlap.

West Suffolk College and Careers and Connections logos
West Suffolk College Careers and Connections brochure pages
West Suffolk College Careers and Connections brochure
West Suffolk College Careers and Connections stationary
West Suffolk College Careers and Connections banner