Wayfinding: 3D branding


To provide the Jerwood DanceHouse with new wayfinding which extended DanceEast’s new branding into a three-dimensional landscape.


  • Silver Award for Best Wayfinding and Signage in the Europe Transform Awards
  • Short-listed in the Design Week Awards for Best Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics
  • DanceEast describes Spring as one of its greatest assets.

Wayfinding for Jerwood DanceHouse is an extension of the branding Spring had already developed for DanceEast. Outsized letters and numbers frame performance images, revealing Dance is embedded in the fabric of the building, while a simple colour palette of black and white allows the imagery to really stand out. It’s a confident style, perfect for their new bold brand.

At the same time it is creative and playful, featuring production images from performances and using dance-related puns to name areas (the bar becomes The Barre, for example). A series of applications moves the brand’s fluid, dance-inspired character into the physical space it occupies, including massive hand-rendered signwriting using paint direct to polished concrete surfaces to make the most of texture, half-wall height number graphics designed as cut-outs revealing performance images, vinyl directional graphics applied directly to walls, and other messages artworked as required and placed in frames and on digital screens throughout the building.

Spring put accessibility at the heart of their work to meet DanceEast’s inclusive policy. All wayfinding has been created to be easy to understand for visitors from all backgrounds, whatever their needs. The font was selected to be legible at a variety of sizes and a height that is visible for all. In addition to this new static wayfinding, Spring used bold imagery on plasma screens around the DanceEast building to reflect the creative, complementing the new, bold wayfinding across the site through technology.

DanceEast Wayfinding reception 2
DanceEast Wayfinding reception
“I've been using the facilities at DanceEast for over five years, from running external events to attending classes and performances. The new signage not only makes the building easier to navigate for first-time visitors, but also breathes life into the DanceHouse.”

Jodie Worton

Choreographer, Dance and Audience Member

DanceEast Wayfinding signs
DanceEast Wayfinding steps
DanceEast Wayfinding