Design for Print: brochures that burst with life


To create a brochure for CATs dance training that truly reflects its excellence.


  • Ongoing

A CAT is a Centre for Advanced Training, somewhere which identifies and assists children and young people with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education. This will enable them, if they choose to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in music and dance. 

It’s a programme DanceEast has been running for many years so when the opportunity came to do this brochure we developed our original DanceEast brand to create something fresh and new. We used extravagant splashes of colour on each of the pages which, combined with the use of strong, cutting diagonal lines, has created bursts of energy mirroring that of the dancers.

Diagonal lines create a sense of direction and forward movement that pushes you through the brochure to find out more, and creates a feeling of excitement around the physical urgency of the pull towards dance for CAT’s talented students.

DANCEEAST-CATS brochure cover
DANCEEAST CATS brochure page spreads
DANCEEAST CATS brochure inside pages 3
DANCEEAST CATS brochure inside pages 2
DANCEEAST CATS brochure inside pages
DANCEEAST CATS brochure inside
DANCEEAST CATS brochure front and back cover