Broadland District Council


Engagement: Keeping Norfolk Warm


Our task is to engage with households in vulnerable circumstances across Norfolk to encourage them to apply for grants, and support them with first-time central heating.


  • The campaign reached over a million households with over 800 successful enquiries for first time central heating or support.

Spring has helped the Warm Homes Fund to keep people, well – warm. We’ve created compelling creative, including a new website and stakeholder toolkits, and combined it with public relations and a coordinated council organic and paid social media marketing campaign to get the message out. The campaign has proved phenomenally successful.

We designed the creative to appeal to the specific demographics the WHF asked us to reach, and consciously steered away from the usual negative imagery associated with this type of campaign – instead opting for a bright, positive style to catch the eye and draw the attention.

To relieve pressure on council resources we needed to ensure the majority of people contacting the WHF would be eligible for the grant so we ran a tightly targeted social media campaign, accurately reaching the demographic that qualified by filtering our targeting by other brands and institutions they like. For residents we used Facebook targeting and for landlords we used Twitter.