Essex County Council


Campaign: Foster families needed


To target likely candidates for fostering and encourage them to attend information events


  • 9% conversion rate of reach into enquries

There are numerous challenges facing council fostering teams, not least of which is the profile of commercial fostering agencies. Spring’s role has been to support Essex County Council in recruiting families direct, against a backdrop of complex needs.

We have over a number of years created and delivered county-wide  campaigns designed to raise awareness and encourage engagement with potential carers of therapeutic and mainstream fostering.

Spring created a new identity for fostering communication material that allows the council to align with private fostering agencies’ appearance and tone of voice. We then tailored social media advertising campaigns to reach those most likely to engage including families with older children and those working in youth work, nursing, caring and teaching, using channels including Facebook and Linkedin.

To ensure consistent messaging at all touch points, we then updated website content to provide more in-depth information about the vital role of Foster Carers, and detailed information about the role. On the ground, we have created event materials to ensure consistent messaging once possible carers arrive at events.

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Essex County Council Therapeutic Fostering leaflet
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