Anglian Water


Engagement: Future of Water


Anglian Water commissioned Spring to launch Water Resources East (WRE): to draw in support from industry partners, inspiring them to team up for a multi-sector approach to water resource management.


  • 135 delegates including ministers and industry leaders attended the event.
  • 59 attendees pledged their commitment to WRE on the day.
  • Anglian Water has subsequently presented WRE at industry events and made successful funding applications.

Challenged to create an extraordinary event that would challenge and change thinking, we decided to plunge people into the future. And so Spring produced an immersive theatrical experience that transported delegates out of their comfort zones and straight into a dystopian future without water. Actors were used to bring messaging to life against a backdrop of sets that took delegates into the home, a factory facility and a dried up reservoir of 2048. And of course refreshments were provided: insect canapes and tiny shots of treasured water.

This creative delivery has helped Anglian Water strengthen relationships with industry partners and commercial water users to secure commitments of support. Guest feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the experiential nature of the event contributing to a change in understanding of the strategic needs of the present time to prevent this becoming real life.

Future of Water event cover
Future of Water event future news
Future of Water event canapes
Future of Water event actor 2
Future of Water event actor
Future of Water drought board
Future of Water event