Greenhouses Direct


Brand: bringing growth to greenhouses


To create a lifestyle brand to reflect their upmarket offering more accurately.


  • An identity which truly represents the high-quality offering from Greenhouses Direct, allowing it to connect with its audience aspirationally.

Following an intensive research phase and interactive branding workshop with the Greenhouses Direct team, Spring created a new look and feel for the multimillion pound turnover greenhouse manufacturer and distributor.

Then, using a blend of handwritten and typewriter fonts with pastel colours found in the garden, we created a completely new brand identity which connected them with the elemental feeling of gardening and nature. Relevant textures added depth to the designs, and hand-drawn illustrations added character and a sense of playfulness.

At the same time we evolved the identity for their flagship greenhouse range, the Rhino, as there was no clear connection between it and Greenhouses Direct. Taking design cues from the Greenhouses Direct identity, we developed ‘The Great British Rhino’ which integrated the two while emphasising the Rhino’s build quality and origins.

Greenhouses Direct logo and illustrations
Greenhouses Direct green logo
Greenhouses Direct orange logo
Greenhouses Direct brand guidelines
Greenhouses Direct Logo Ident