Havensfield Happy Hens


Brand: Happy Hens


To position Havensfield as a covetable East Anglian brand, support and maintain growth


  • Havensfield’s costs dropped as they no longer sold into London, alongside which their turnover grew by 150% in three years, and they continue to innovate and grow.

We like our eggs free range. We definitely like happy chickens. And so we were delighted to start working with Fiona and Alaistaire at Havensfield to create their current branding. It was an unusual brief: Havensfield wanted to get out of London (it didn’t pay); and the way to do that was to make sure that people in East Anglia were asking for their eggs.

So our first task was to create a covetable brand identity that would give character to this brand with compassion, provenance and quality at its heart. Out of a small set of proposals, Havensfield selected an elegant one-colour logo which they would also be able to use in their egg stampers.

We set a palette of tawny grey and duck egg blue, to offset the red of the chickens’ feathers which we photographed one crisp autumn day when 20 happy hens came round to our photographic studio. Those girls have bags of character. Some divas, some wallflowers – result, a photo library of chickens in every imaginable pose. (That collection has won awards.)

They, and our graphic designs, now grace boxes, vans, lorries, farms and uniforms. All very firmly in East Anglia, where they have a growing fan base. In fact, the company grew by 150% in just two years after the rebrand.

And so we were very pleased indeed to relaunch Havensfield Happy Hens website as the next step in the brand consultancy process. The new website, launched in 2016, builds on the established brand – its purpose is to educate customers who want to find out more information about the eggs they’re eating, and help the business to maintain high quality communications with stockists and distributors.

Playful images of our red-feathered girls pop up across the site and a healthy dose of egg-related puns also ensure consistency in the Havensfield tone of voice between the website and the brand’s other communications.

Havensfield Happy Hens logo
Havensfield eggs website and chickens
Boiled Havensfield eggs and soldiers