Look Sideways-East


Brand: Look Sideways-East


New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Arts Council England engaged us to raise the profile of the cultural offer of Norfolk and Suffolk.


  • Print distribution had 90% uptake.
  • Digital campaigns achieved 2 million impressions, with average 4.5% CTR.
  • KPIs were exceeded with cultural tourism growing by 15% in the first year and 25% in the second.

Spring’s strategy was to develop a brand with a strong narrative supported by bespoke delivery tools and a managed programme of engagement. The core message is the East has been the home of world-class culture for centuries and visitors to the region are greeted by internationally significant arts and heritage. 50 organisations were selected to feed into the brand development, communications and deployment of the brand, which over the course of the project created a virtuous circle of collaboration and impact.

The proposition was tested with partner organisations, activity planned around key points in the calendar and a KPI of increasing the number of cultural tourists by 10% every year in 2016 and 2017 was identified.

Spring created the Look Sideways East brand identity to allow partner organisations to be associated with the region’s arts offerings. The word EAST is represented vertically in block lettering with the ‘T’ encouraging the audience to ‘Look Sideways’, not just to discover East Anglia but to get a more immersive and cutting-edge cultural experience. As a brand designed to underpin the values of our regional assets, this identity is confidently pared back and designed to fit neatly in the bottom right hand side of collateral. We chose a colour palette that is, on one hand, bold and punchy, on the other subtle so project partners can select a colour to complement their own materials.

Tailored messages were developed for each audience segment and partner marketing communications channels were identified for their distribution. We devised a range of supporting tools including key messages, brand guidelines, templates, workshops, and on-line events planning tool to encourage branded messaging through digital channels. Digital channels were further leveraged through Culture365. For 365 days, Spring shared an image of culture or place from the region through brand and partner websites, Pinterest and Instagram. Each image directed readers to a cultural and tourism partner, adding value for both.

LookSideways - East brand guidelines
LookSideways - East graphic element guide
LookSideways - East logo guide