Moroccan National Tourist Office


Website: a glorious guide to MuchMorocco


To create and develop a bespoke website on behalf of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO) for the UK, US, Canadian and Irish markets.

Spring designed and created this new responsive website as a central part of our Much Morocco campaign.

We used bold, aspirational imagery, intuitive, multi-route navigation and reams of informative and engaging content to bring all aspects of Morocco to life. The homepage is split between experience and location and we wanted visitors to find the information all in one place, so a widget shows the current weather and temperature in each location, and a handy link to Skyscanner provides real-time data, instantly giving travellers flight details.

We wrote over two hundred pages of content for the website, and drew in influential bloggers from Morocco and further afield to provide inspiring articles for potential travellers to read.

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