Bentwaters Parks


Website: online home to the 2,500-acre film set


To create a stunning new website and narrative that displayed Bentwaters to the the film industry as an everything-in-one-location production space.


  • Bentwaters has now established its position as a British film industry asset

Before starting this website we set Bentwaters‘ brand positioning as ‘The UK’s 2,500 acre film production space’. We then refreshed the brand palette and created atmospheric imagery with the use of dark blue duotones, offset with yellow type and highlights. The use of yellow and cut through angles is a nod to the runway’s chevrons and airbase road markings.

Video is absolutely integral to the site, and a showreel of past productions dominates the home page. Building fly-throughs are also shown on the location pages. The site responds beautifully, and we have replaced video with photography on mobile so busy scouts have the fastest possible experience and find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Bentwaters Parks logo black and white
Bentwaters Parks logo
Bentwaters Parks website
Bentwaters Parks website
Bentwaters Parks poster