Champagne Bollinger


Digital: putting the fizz in Bollinger’s sponsorship


Taking Bollinger on line with a full content management strategy underpinning their extensive event sponsorship programme.


  • Website out-performed peers in terms of visitor numbers, dwell time and engagement
  • Feedback and engagement across all digital channels continued to grow – a simple Christmas competition increased reach by 4,000% in just five days

From 2009 – 2012, Spring was the sole digital marketing agency to Champagne Bollinger.

Spring took Champagne Bollinger on line with a full content management and social media strategy designed to leverage their extensive UK event sponsorship programme. Together our challenge was to raise awareness of the brand’s activities, and bring to life the premium nature of the product. Champagne Bollinger sponsored a range of events and our strategy was to support these sponsorships through an ever-growing library of engaging content under the campaign theme of Experience Bollinger, disseminated across social media appropriate to each event’s own audience.

It’s a natural strategy in these days of content marketing, but back in 2009 this was pioneering and Bollinger’s campaign soon proved its worth. The main site sat at the heart of the social media campaign, hosting an astonishing library of content that worked as a natural magnet for long-tail search. Spring used an entirely organic combination of social media and content to drive awareness. In all three years, we never boosted Bollinger figures through paid advertising because the long term goal was always to attract and retain a solid base of genuine brand advocates.

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