EDF Energy


Consultation: Three-stage nuclear planning consultation


To consult and engage the communities around, and impacted by, the potential build of Sizewell C


  • At the close of Stage 2 consultation EDF Energy had run 79 events including public exhibitions, meetings and presentations and received over 1,000 responses to their proposals.

Our preparation included launching a new, responsive consultation website and Information Office fit out, and working with the Sizewell C Project Team to establish a communications plan based around public exhibitions in communities that will potentially be affected should the construction go ahead.

 To promote these we created and delivered newsletters to over 40,000 addresses, emails to parish councils, posters and flyers promoting ‘your local exhibition’, Feedback Hubs in council offices and Parish Packs for Hyperlocal communities.

 We created briefing tools for the EDF Energy team, managed the website content updates, set up venues for exhibitions, and, at the events, welcomed visitors and handed enquiries.

 Spring has arranged data management, security, communications materials, catering and the venues themselves for the full programme of events to ensure that it runs smoothly, allowing the Sizewell C Project team to focus on the consultation itself.

EDF Sizewell C consultation
“Spring is vital to the success of our consultation. Their adherence to deadlines and budget is exemplary. They offer strategic insight as well as delivering exhibitions, community forums, presentations, filming and photography. I have worked with other agencies and would not hesitate to describe Spring as the leader.”

Tom McGarry

EDF Energy

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