Gainsborough's House


Design for Print: walking in Gainsborough’s footsteps


To connect Thomas Gainsborough’s childhood home more fully with its community in Sudbury through a visitor trail.


  • 35,000 initial print run taken up within six months
  • Led to a wider Gainsborough and Constable trail project with other attractions in Colcester, Ipswich and across Suffolk

This historic house of national importance in Sudbury wanted to connect with its surroundings through a trail that explores significant sites across the town. Spring was asked to create the brand, including a leaflet and a new map of the town, highlighting the key locations.

We recognised that the visual style needed to appeal to a modern audience, yet still reflect the traditional and historical imagery of Gainsborough and his paintings. With this in mind we created icons for each stop on the trail. Graphic silhouettes coupled with colours borrowed from Gainsborough’s palette kept the icons in the visual style we had established. The colours continue into the leaflet which folds out to reveal an image and text  about each stop.

A map takes up the reverse of the leaflet and was created using three-dimensional and flat illustrations created bespoke for this project by Spring’s design team. Stylised timber-framed buildings juxtaposed with their modern counterparts, simple trees and map-style roads and rivers all work together to create a playful journey through the old and new of a town steeped in history.

Gainsborough's House logo
Gainsborough's Walk map leaflet
Gainsborough's Walk map close-up
Gainsborough's House leaflet
Gainsborough's Walk map