Launch: turning a brewery into a phantom galleon


Launch Adnams’s now iconic American Pale Ale, Ghost Ship.


  • Half a million pints sold during two week campaign.

Echoing the product’s inspiration from Adnams’s 600-year-old haunted seaside pub, The Walberswick Bell, Spring turned the Adnams Brewery into a phantom galleon using 3D projection technology.

In addition we engaged with beer bloggers and journalists and, with Adnams, arranged a spookily good VIP launch party. Before that, we’d helped Adnams brief its landlords, to ensure brand advocacy from bar staff, at a series of breakfasts.

#showmetheghostship launched a phenomenally successful social media campaign, with prizes and video shares lifting traffic beyond expectations. The ghostly imaging went on a guerrilla projection tour, generating column inches and social sharing in every target town and city.

Pirate at the Adnams ghost ship launch
Ghost ship film being shown
Adnams Ghost Ship launch party
Adnams Ghost Ship launch party beer mats
Adnams Ghost Ship launch party A frame
Adnams Ghost Ship projection on the side of the brewery