Marriage's the Master Millers


Website: milling hours and selling flours


Develop a new creative approach for Marriage's brand, packaging and strategy.


  • A design that works beautifully across every part of Marriages - from website to flour sacks

Marriage’s produces quality flour which is highly rated by top chefs and bakers across the country. After working with the Marriage’s team, and seeing at first hand the dedication with which they have pursued expert milling for nearly two hundred years, we realised that time itself was a theme we kept coming back to in both conversation and research around the audience.

Good bread – bread with provenance – is about time. In the words of George Marriage ‘learning to bake takes time; it takes time to make a quality loaf; baking for others makes a gift of your time…’ So time matters. And ‘the test of time’ became our foundation thought.

To reflect this, Spring researched creative and typographical approaches over the last two centuries and settled on a traditional letterpress approach which we then brought into the 21st century with contemporary twists such as a palette of ‘utensil’ graphic icons and digital flourishes like the ‘day 371,000 of milling’ counter at the top of the website.

Three Marriage's Flour bags
Marriages - The Test of Time
Marriages ad slogan
Marriage's selection of Flour bags
Marriage's Golden Wholegrain Flour bag