Spring founder Erika Clegg was one of several industry leaders recently approached by Design Week to share their most difficult experiences with clients, and – more importantly – how they overcame them.Design Week logo


Ryan Jones from Sea Design recalled a time when a drunk photographer wreaked havoc on their first photoshoot with a global sports brand. Luckily the quality of the shots and some quick talking convinced the client to forgive them.

Jamie Ellul of Supple Studio told a cautionary tale of how assuming clients will already understand the design process can cause great problems, while Chomoi Pich-Owiny at Blue State Digital has a solution for when clients let subjective opinions lead their decisions – launch two completely separate campaigns and let the real world be the judge!

And Erika’s answer?

“Frustrated after a short run of morale-sappingly inconclusive projects a few years ago, I identified a common trait in the clients with whom we produced our best work – irrespective of the nature or complexity of the brief. They’ve all got an appetite for change, and are keen to work collaboratively with us to get there. Since identifying that’s where we add best value, we have built Spring’s positioning around it.

“With Agency for Change as our URL and an active ethos – designed to deliver change – this is the starting point for all our projects and relationships. This filters out clients that are not going to stay committed to the process before they even arrange a chemistry meeting. Clients who genuinely want or need to change trust us to deliver it, and are often willing to take greater creative leaps to achieve it than others.”

The question was in response to news of a new exhibition, examining the relationship between client and designer. You can read the complete Design Week article here. And if you’ve got an appetite for change and want to take the next step then get in touch with us to find out how we can benefit your business.