You might find now that you’re becoming a dab hand at all sorts of things you’d normally commission. One of them may well be photography, so co-founder Simon (who, pre-Spring, owned London’s largest architectural photography studio) has shared his top five tips with you. Get skills, have fun!

1 Use your drone
If you have a drone in a box collecting dust, charge it up and sharpen your flying, filming and shooting skills. They are brilliant photographic tools once you get over the inbuilt fear of flying your expensive gizmo into something hard and immovable.
2 Get a Different Perspective
You can photograph anything and make anything look interesting. Mix photography and your daily exercise routine by looking at the world (or your current world) from a different angle. The human eye is set at about 1600mm above ground level: crawl on the floor, climb to odd, out-of-the-way places to gain a different perspective on the Normal.
3 Take Time
…and then, take more time. We often snatch a shot and look at it briefly, nod in satisfaction and move on. Stop. Look and think about it, study it. Ask yourself how it could be better, question how it could be better, you can always do better, always. So have another go.
4 Keep it Simple
David Bailey once said that if you can’t photograph everything with a 50mm lens you aren’t a photographer. Don’t get hung up on kit. This is a real case of less is more. Take the camera bag and all the options it offers away and you can concentrate on angle composition and the subject. Do it for a day – it is a real eye opener, you will never look back.
5 Enjoy Amateur Status!
People earn a living being photographers. They photograph what they are commissioned to shoot, from lifestyle and hotels, to babies on rugs and architecture. It is a hard and busy full time business; but if you enjoy it at the grass roots level, it is boundlessly rewarding. If you have the time and let yourself experiment you may discover you have ‘The Eye’.