Right now, with so many of us in isolation, we are all using Social Media more than ever. So there’s no need to disappear off the face of the earth, but you must adapt to the situation and your audience’s needs. Here are our Top 5 Tips for today,to help you plan your Social Media to fit the times.

1. Be mindful of this situation.
Is it appropriate to do a big sales push? Probably not – especially if you are in a sector like tourism and hospitality where your service is curtailed. Whatever your business, do as much as you can and go gently. You don’t want to look as though you are trying to monetise on a traumatic situation.

2. Be human. Be present.
People are on Social Media more than ever at the moment, and there’s no need to completely disappear – however, the content you put out has to adapt. You might simply want to use your channels to check in with your audience to say you’re hoping everyone is keeping well and you’re looking forward to seeing them back in your shop/hotel/bar one day soon.

3. Use your skills to help people.
Are there things you could be doing to provide some relief? If you’re a business that usually runs workshops, why not offer a free one online for people to join at home? Gyms can do a free (or try paid) classes online. Restaurants – brief your head chef to deliver a live video creating something from store cupboard items. Beauty store – post tips on how to do a DIY facial or foot massage, and tips for relieving stress.

4. Customer STILL comes first!
Everyone is going through a bad time – you, and your customers – and now is not the time to ignore them. Re-arrange dates, submit refunds, talk to them. Skip this and the risk is they will leave negative comments and reviews on social media.

Keep on top of your online community management to ensure questions are being picked up and that people feel listened to – in other words, keep on top of replying.

5. Involve your audience.
Encourage people to send their photos in to you. Schools – parents can send in nice photos of what they’re doing at home. Restaurants – people could send in photos of items they have tried from following your recipes. Use this content across your social channels. This kind of personal interaction will help you get closer than ever with your audience.