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CASE STUDY Adnams wine label beaujolais close up


PROJECT Design for print: a growing collection of wine labels

Bespoke hand-drawn illustrations for the Adnams wine range

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CASE STUDY Reading the Adnams Winebook


PROJECT Design for print: allowing scribbles for tipples

Reinventing the wine catalogue for Southwold's famous brewer

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CASE STUDY Adnams Ghost Ship projection before and after


PROJECT Launch: turning a brewery into a phantom galleon

3D projections, marauding pirates and VIP launch parties

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Blog Adnams Wine Bottles with Spring illustrations


Spring designs new Adnams labels

This year, Spring has created hand-drawn illustrations for four of Adnams’ new wines. Since Spring and Adnams are both based in Southwold, the two companies’ design studios enjoy the opportunity to work together. In this instance, Spring created the bespoke hand-drawn illustrations for the Adnams design team to incorporate into their label designs. Two of...

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Adnams Ghost Ship hero slot

What a joy to see our Ghost Ship 3D projection given pride of place on the Adnams’ 360 review of the year. This was the surprise element for our launch of their Ghost Ship ale that kicked off a hugely successful digital campaign and helped to sell half a million pints of the stuff. Thanks...

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