Last month we were delighted to see the launch of the new website for The Southwold Flower Company.


The Southwold Flower Company is a delightful growing farm just outside Spring’s hometown. Set in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, it’s a tranquil oasis where you can just let the fast-pace of urban life drop away and enjoy the peace. It’s literally somewhere you can stop and smell the flowers.

As well as offering a service where visitors are able to wander the flower fields and pick their own blooms, The Southwold Flower Company also creates amazing arrangements, and runs floristry workshops to pass on their skills. Until recently they had a shop on the town’s High Street, but after its forced lockdown closure much of their trade has needed to move online. The thorny problem was that their site didn’t have the functionality to do this easily, so we were asked to replace their website with one which was more suitable to ecommerce.

The site we have created allows all their products to be listed and displayed easily, and has a far more intuitive interface, allowing visitors to the site to filter their search to display just the products they require. Workshops have their own space on the website and where products have variations, such as size or colour, these can be shown and selected on the same listing.

As well as adding the extra functionality, it was also a chance for us to ensure every part of the website communicated the character of the business, so everything from the colour scheme to the copy is designed to convey the personal, friendly, human and earthy offering of the farm. A new animated logo, with gently nodding flowers and an industrious bee buzzing around them was the final touch.

After a short bedding in period the website is now in full bloom, and will stand them in good stead for many, many seasons to come. It’s perfect for letting The Southwold Flower Company, well, flower.