We may need to adapt our public information campaigns in these changing times, but their purpose is more important now than ever.

Whether engaging hard-to-reach residents in national initiatives or engaging communities to change behaviours, once the messaging and channels are suitably adapted we need to plan for the end of the campaign, ensuring we have the right people engaged and committed to carry its legacy.

Spring can help you map, identify and involve the right stakeholders in your campaign who will be passed the baton to carry on the good work once central funding is no longer available. Good relationships go a long way.

Often we need support of the private sector invested in our purpose to ensure it continues to be supported. At Spring we understand that change is inevitable, and when carefully planned for, can produce phenomenal results and make a real difference.

So let’s chat. Right now, getting us all out of this situation and moving back towards success is the most important thing, and we will be delighted to help you consider your next moves. You can contact Erika here.