Today saw another group of high profile East Anglian businesspeople gather for lunch, hosted by Spring at The Randolph in Reydon.

Our topic for discussion was Creativity as a commercial asset, its place at the Board and how to nurture it in a business.

We enjoyed a lively and wide ranging conversation, which saw us cover the need for training in business finance as a firm career foundation, necessary improvements in education, finding the time to think freely, and the constraints on creativity created by compliance.

We all agreed that creativity is not the preserve of the uber confident, and that the great skill of a board’s chairman is to encourage input from quieter people – who, once given the space to comment, often share gems of creative imagination.

And for those with a rebellious streak, there’s definitely room for naughty people, failure, mavericks and inexperience in every organisation – the juggling act is balancing that with upholding customer promises and protecting brand reputation.

We discussed the impact someone’s position in corporate structure has on their ability to speak out and think freely, and what we can do to allow people the space and environment to voice their creativity.

Everyone expressed a strong desire to nurture creativity and ambition amongst their teams. It’s clear that the businesses of East Anglia are justifiably proud of their teams, many of whom are long-standing employees, and keen to communicate with them to the greatest degree possible, give them opportunities to shine, and grow their organisations with a well-rewarded and happy workforce.

A great lunch, good company and plenty of food for thought.