Living and working in this iconic seaside town it’s hard not to love the sea. It’s also impossible to not be inspired by its strength and beauty.


It’s an inspiration that is shared across the globe – by surfers, free divers and other lovers of the deep blue, and it’s this common bond that the Ocean Film Festival was born to celebrate. Created in Australia, the Festival came to these shores for the first time a few weeks ago and a couple of Springers went to see it at the University of East Anglia.

The Festival is over two hours of inspirational, educational and entertaining films related to the ocean, created by independent filmmakers from around the world. Amongst others, we saw the story of Ramón Navarro, the world famous Chilean surfer, and a film called Arctic Swell that captured the raw beauty of Earth’s last great wilderness.

The melding of cinematic imagery with spectacular oceanic life stories from people across the world was breathtaking and inspiring. It also emphasised the connection between a coastal lifestyle and creativity that we enjoy here in Southwold.