This week’s Design Week VoxPop is on the topic of which decade has influenced designers.

saul bass

Amongst luminaries from across the industry were Wayne Hemingway, who speaks with fondness of seeing David Bowie at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall. Spring’s Erika (whose own experience of King George’s Hall in Blackburn was the annual visit for school prize giving) responded as follows:

Of course we are all influenced by great work from the past, but the best decade has got to be now. This is a transformative time for the design industry for two reasons.

Firstly, we have unprecedented access under the bonnet of organisations. There’s a new wave of agencies moving into management consultancy territory, and clients want us to harness design process to transform their businesses.

Secondly, we have an extraordinary range of technology available to bring great ideas to life. Never before has there been such freedom to stretch a creative thought and wrap people up in it. It’s allowing us to create impact in a multitude of new ways.

This is a crux point for the industry, and agencies who can grasp corporate need and technological opportunity will do very well for themselves and their clients.