Design Week asked Erika “What would you like the government to do for the creative industry?”.


Other respondees included Sarah Weir, CEO of the Design Council, Dids McDonald, co-founder of ACID and the DBA’s CEO, Deborah Dawton.The question was posed in the light of the snap election announced by PM Theresa May for the 9th June.

Having contributed to the Creative Industries Federation’s General Election Manifesto through her seat on the DBA board, and as a former director of New Anglia Local Enterprise, Erika was delighted to respond.

Spring sets out to deliver change and reports 1:35 ROI for clients, with significant impact on people’s lives and regional development in the east of England; and her focus is on bringing the skills of a business like Spring to the process of policy making, where she believes they can have sizeable positive impact.

You can see her answer in the Design Week article and following:

“Government must continue to invite us to the top table, and enable us to contribute to policy in all areas, not just our own industry. Not just in Westminster, but also other regions through devolved government and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

As an industry, we need to make that happen ourselves. We’ll do it by developing clarity about the value we add and explaining it in terms that resonate with politicians and business leaders. Design businesses must demonstrate their ability to get to the heart of issues, understand people’s motivations, define routes to growth, deliver behavioural change, fuel reputation and maximise profit.

This is my often-trod soapbox. Design has got to learn to speak up for itself and clarify why it’s an indispensable corporate and social asset. That’s how we’ll get that top table influence.”