Spring delivers thoughtful, best-practice planning consultation programmes for energy, utility, property and infrastructure clients across the UK. From strategic guidance to personable, on-the-ground engagement, we're renowned for our ability to deliver great results.
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An Account Executive's view of 2020 (and hopes for 2021)

Rea joined Spring about a year ago, just in time to see how things are ‘normally’ before Covid-19 changed many of our working practises. Here’s a little about what she’s working on, and what the year has taught her. I am working with EDF and the Sizewell C (SZC) Project team who are currently at...

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Blog EDF Sizewell C consultation


EDF submits DCO for Sizewell C

Today, our client EDF has submitted their Development Consent Order (DCO) application for Sizewell C to the Planning Inspectorate. Sizewell C is a proposed two-reactor power station to be situated alongside the now decommissioned Sizewell A and active Sizewell B. It is a multi-billion pound project for which we have delivered the public planning consultation...

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Go on, challenge us!

We have a request. When you brief Spring, would you please set us an ambitious goal? We relish the opportunity to aim high. When Anglian Water tasked us to engage 8,000 people face-to-face with water resilience, we engaged 21,000 people instead. One public sector client has employed two more people to handle enquiries generated by...

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This is what we do.

Ever wondered what Spring does? Here’s your answer. We have so many stories to tell, people to introduce you to, and ambitions for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all into a small space. So here is a very brief overview of what we do, for whom.

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The Church's role in 21st Century society

What is the Church of England’s role in a thriving community? at a workshop yesterday, we heard from people who really care about their community and its needs. The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich is showing vision in throwing open to suggestion its input to the community it serves. It acknowledges that the Church...

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Spring is vital to the success of our consultation. They offer strategic insight as well as delivering exhibitions, community forums, presentations, filming and photography. Their adherence to deadlines and budget is exemplary. I have worked with other agencies and would not hesitate to describe Spring as the leader in this important and growing sector.

Tom McGarry




Consultation - Done right, this runs deep

When there’s a sizeable build project in the offing, a corporate strategy to be written or a programme of change that’s going to impact people, consultation is not just a legal obligation – it is morally essential. Spring’s view is that, as consultation providers, we are the bridge between impacted community and provider, and our...

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CLIENT Countryside

PROJECT Consultation: West of Rayleigh

Helping the people of Rayleigh have their say

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