PR now is fast-paced and focused. Stories come to life in the press, but also through digital channels, bloggers and influencers. Events bring messages to people, and advocates give them credibility. Meticulous planning ensures projects are set up for success; flexibility and vigour harness the unexpected. It's an important part of any communications programme.


Interview in East Anglian Business pages

Erika was interviewed by Emily Cashen of the East Anglian and the article published last week. Here it is in full. Can you tell me a bit about life before Spring? What led you to found the agency?  Spring has now been here for 13 years, so life before Spring is a dim and distant...

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This is what we do.

Ever wondered what Spring does? Here’s your answer. We have so many stories to tell, people to introduce you to, and ambitions for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all into a small space. So here is a very brief overview of what we do, for whom.

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Spring’s creative achieves exactly what we hoped for. Our aim with the MuchMorocco campaign is to bring the essence of Morocco to holidaymakers. It is warm, vibrant, friendly, accessible, stylish … all qualities shared by Morocco as a country.