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When will social media become so ingrained in society's ways of being that the term is dropped altogether? Perhaps at the same time as codes of conduct for operators are applied with real rigour. It's a fast paced world, and what fits one audience will bypass another altogether. The rules change from day to day: it's that, as well as the ability to plan and manage great campaigns that mean you need specialists like our team to help you with your social media work.


Deepfake (and how not to get caught)

Facebook is (mostly) banning it. This year’s American elections are likely to be impacted by it. Films are casting dead actors using it. Celebrities are unwittingly starring in porn movies because of it. And it’s getting easier and easier. Deepfake. It’s one of the many tools available to people seeking to disseminate untruths, and it’s...

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We knew that what we have here at Bruisyard is unique and special, and had struggled to articulate it, which made it hard for us to rise above the crowd. Spring has really helped us to look at things differently, clarify them and shake it all up – the result is marketing materials and campaigning that capture the essence of Bruisyard Country Estate.

Gareth Clarke

General Manager

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George Adey

Digital Executive

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Just finished uni? Start your career before the summer's over!

Uni’s over, life begins! Launch your career well. We are hiring a Social Media Executive. Spring is a creative communications agency. We deliver strategic communications, brand consultancy and digital marketing for brands and organisations who really need to make a success of change. We are hiring a Social Media Executive to support a fast-growing side of our work....

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This is what we do.

Ever wondered what Spring does? Here’s your answer. We have so many stories to tell, people to introduce you to, and ambitions for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all into a small space. So here is a very brief overview of what we do, for whom.

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Blog Cat ears on Shaukat Yousafzai


The Perils of Filters

Social Media filters are a bit of light-hearted fun to send to friends and family – but as one unlucky Politician found out, they are paw-tenially dangerous! Social media companies are increasingly bringing filters into their platforms, for advertisers and for personal use. There’s a plethora of ways to edit your appearance – from cute...

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Katie Brown

Digital Account Manager

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Glen Cone

Creative Director

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SPRINGER Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott

Account Director

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CLIENT Anglian Water

PROJECT Engagement: all the fun of the (water) fair!

Fun and games to guide the future of Anglian Water

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