One of Suffolk’s most famous children Ed Sheeran has released new music today, attracting worldwide media attention after a year-long break from producing, performing and posting on social media.

Ed Sheeran

The lyrics of one of his two new releases, Castle on the Hill, describe his experiences growing up in nearby town Framlingham and allude to the presence in his life that Suffolk maintains, even as his career takes him to places increasingly far and wide.

In the song, Ed sings: ‘And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown / But I can’t wait to go home…And I’m on my way, I still remember / Those old country lanes / When we did not know the answers / And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real…’

Suffolk has been home to Spring for over 10 years, and it’s shaped and defined us as we’ve grown. Like Ed, we Springers are constantly inspired by our surroundings, and know that as we give and contribute to our community, Suffolk shapes Spring’s work and our identity in return.