Spring’s Ethos runs deep, and that’s largely because we make continual efforts to keep it relevant and live. Yesterday I sent this note to every member of our team, to set out how the Ethos adapts to fit the current Coronavirus situation. Culturally we are a very close knit group – family, indeed – and our focus is on maintaining this at a distance for the next few weeks or months.

The Spring team


Bring Positive Energy

  1. Keep regular hours, get dressed, have a ‘workplace’ even if it’s just a different chair at the table
  2. Stretch, get fresh air, eat well, get exercise, drink water, take vitamin supplements if need be
  3. Stay positive – don’t get sucked into the news or social media whirlpool. None of us can change the situation, but we can ensure we ride it out without losing our marbles.
  4. If you feel blue, irritable or worried, chat to a colleague! The phone is your friend and so is everyone at Spring – call, and answer calls too.


Know What Matters

  1. Delivery, income, cashflow and continued access to opportunity will keep Spring motoring
  2. Our ability to carry on operating as a team is essential so let’s keep trying new ways to talk, track projects and share ideas
  3. Keep talking. Keep emailing. Keep messaging. Try to have regular daily contact with every one of your colleagues as if you were here. Even if it’s just ‘hello’.
  4. Your family’s health and wellbeing is number one – that means yours is too.
  5. I am going to use this time to map processes, start to draw up personal job descriptions and other useful bits of Spring work that helps simplify things. 


Make Excellent Work

  1. We all need to keep up delivery of excellent work on time, to the quality of normal circumstances
  2. Use all available sharing methods to get opinions on your work, clarify briefs, keep clients up to date, and ensure we are maintaining quality
  3. A good opportunity to get our website full of fresh case studies as well as the improvements Chris is working on: if you’ve recently completed a project let me know and we’ll sort a case study.
  4. Richard, please keep up your fab Friday emails! And everyone else please share things you discover that will open our minds.
  5. I’d like us to generate some great social and blog material at this time: about clients, our work, the Ethos, how we are handling this time, Springers etc so will ask for contributions/help


Improve People’s Lives

  1. Your continued focus and good work will help our clients to navigate this odd, unsettling time
  2. Make sure you have good communications with them, just like each other
  3. Continue to help them connect with the people they need to connect with
  4. And naturally anything you can do in your community, without risking your own health, do. We’re all in this together.


Live our Vision as A4C

  1. This is a time of change – let’s stay flexible, open to opportunities, secure in our purpose
  2. We don’t have to be day dreamers but we can look for the positives, embrace different working styles and make the most of this until things are back to normal
  3. There will be a need for our creativity, strategy and community engagement capabilities – let me know your ideas.
  4. Different perspectives can create new ideas, let them flow and share them with the rest of us!