It is a difficult truth, but it is by no means inevitable that things will go back to how they were before COVID-19 took hold – in fact, they almost certainly will not.

The economy will have certainly changed, the way we view and value different elements of our society may have too. Tragically many, many people will have lost their lives.

For some businesses, the combination of remote working, furloughing and a reduction of work has meant that owners and their staff are less busy than they would like to be.

However, this does not need to result in time – so often a precious commodity – being wasted. Rather, see this as an opportunity to retrain, learn and develop. Find the time to action the things you have fallen down your priority list – complete your business plan; redefine your organisation’s purpose and vision; put your communications strategy into practice.

I know, this is easier said than done, right? Finding the energy and creativity to produce new plans and strategies while navigating your business through this uncertain period, in addition to home-schooling your children and having all your usual leisure pursuits taken away, is tough.

But do not forget that, although you are in isolation, you do not have to put these plans into action on your own.

Spring’s co-founder Erika has made it her mission to do what she can to support businesses, organisations and projects who have been hit by this awful pandemic. In her own words, she is offering to help you get your optimism back, form a plan, start to look ahead’, regardless of what industry you work in, or whether you have worked with Spring previously.

Whether it is providing communications and engagement support, formulating a new creative vision or launching a new campaign, Spring will make sure you are looking forwards, help nurture the green shoots of recovery and strengthen the resilience of your business.

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