We have a request. When you brief Spring, would you please set us an ambitious goal?

British Racing School laptop

We relish the opportunity to aim high. When Anglian Water tasked us to engage 8,000 people face-to-face with water resilience, we engaged 21,000 people instead. One public sector client has employed two more people to handle enquiries generated by Spring for its Warm Home Fund. British Racing School is reaping 50% more student applications in a tough time for the sector. We helped to increase Cultural Tourism to the East of England by 25% and UK visitors to Morocco by 6%.

Because this is what really matters. Using insight and creative thinking to create things that are witty, beautiful, exciting and to deliver a return on our clients’ investment. To help them not just deliver, but surpass, their objectives. Simon and I launched Spring in 2006 to do something very particular: to deliver results, meet promises, confound expectations, improve lives. And that’s what the whole team here is built around and focused on. It’s how we judge ourselves and what we count as success.

So go on: challenge us. Let’s see what we can do together to smash your goals!