One of the ways we keep creativity levels high at Spring is by always being on the look out for clever bits of design and writing that inspire us.

We then share these with each other in a weekly round-up so everyone can benefit. It’s called Great and Interesting Things and these are just some of the items to have featured over the last few weeks:

Changing Zooms
Designer Sean brought this very clever stop-motion animation to our attention. It’s created by people using Zoom and some sheets of paper, and is a bit like those large mosaics they try and get you to create at football grounds, only they never work because they’re asking football fans to do it, so half the cards are the wrong way round, 73 old boys ‘can’t be doing with that nonsense’ and Three-Ears Terry has eaten his. So nothing like it at all really.


Home and Hosed
Glen shared this guide on how to change your workspace so it, well, works. It’s not so much a question of feng shui-ing your home to within an inch of its life, more creating a space where you and your brain can feel most comfortable.


Self-Raising Flowers
Motion-sensor lights have been around for months at least, but few are as elegant as these ones.


Tough act to furlough
The world of HR is often a minefield, prescribed to the nth degree with what you can and can’t say. Mostly can’t say. And then there’s this furlough letter from Ling’s Cars (warning, adult content): I read it and thought it was very good, but it probably didn’t quite match the tone of voice they use for their customers. Then I visited the website ( Oh my woolly word, how wrong was I?


Have you ever noticed all superheroes have really cool names? Wolverine. Storm. Starlord. Black Panther. You never hear of superheroes called Tupperware Man, Indifferent Girl or Captain Coquettish. That’s the power of branding I guess. Anyway, despite all that, the time of boring superheroes is now upon us, as these clever ads found by Katie reveal: