School has changed. With most pupils now learning at home and no clear timetable for re-opening schools,our clients are finding that keeping an open dialogue with pupils and their families is more important than ever.


Despite teachers performing above and beyond to deliver education, there is a digital divide. Families might have access to a smartphone but not a laptop, and many parents and carers lack the skills needed to support children as they navigate learning from home. We are incredibly proud of our clients who are adapting to offer a range of learning solutions and support to ensure pupils don’t get left behind.  

Spring can help teachers, pupils and parents access education and share their ‘learning from home’ stories through an engaged virtual community. Once established this will allow schools to communicate future change and, most importantly, reassure pupils and their families as we slowly get back to normal.

So let’s chat. Right now, getting us all out of this situation and moving back towards success is the most important thing, and we will be delighted to help you consider your next moves. You can contact Erika here.