After six months of WFH, we’re ready to swap our morning Zoom calls for a natter over our monitors, back in our beloved Spring studio.


Lockdown has tested and proved the value of our Ethos, with the Springers throwing themselves into the world of the virtual studio. But, as we tread carefully out of lockdown, co-founder Erika has been diligently ensuring the real studio is safe and ready for everyone to come back. 

From Health and Safety risk assessments, to creating a one way system, to ensuring each desk is at least 1.5m away from the others, we’ve been working to ensure the safety of everyone on the team so they feel comfortable and confident to come back. Posters demonstrating safe working practices are on the wall, and cleaning supplies and PPE are plentiful to guarantee our studio and Springers are equipped with all the necessary equipment. 

The welfare of our people – be they team, clients or other visitors – is a top priority for us, and we’ve been working to ensure our new Covid policy is transparent so everyone understands the commitment to their safety. We’re extremely lucky to have a brilliant team willing to take on new responsibilities to ensure the policy is adhered to, from offering support to those who may be affected to helping action the new controls we’ll put in place. 

We’re counting down the days until the Springers are reunited –  7th September can’t come soon enough. Although the office will look a little different, we can’t wait to hear ideas bouncing off our Victorian print-works walls again – and to recommence the regular food runs!