Last year, Spring’s worked delivered our clients an average of just over £35 growth for every £1 they spent with us.

Spring £35

Given the Design Council’s calculation that every £1 invested in design generates a £20 return, we’re delighted to be able to report a Spring return of almost double that for our broader remit of strategic communications design.

In 2017 we plan to refine the formula, allowing us to track ROI against criteria established in initial meetings and workshops, in an easily replicable way. But for this year we researched the impact of our work collaboratively, talking to clients to establish their own views on return.

Dependent upon their industry, these vary from increased profit delivered by a campaign-related uplift in sales, to a proportion of overall profitability, to the added value created to the wider community by cultural and tourism activities. Where we are delivering consultation and engagement projects, cost benefits can be calculated by savings in the use of services, delivery of consultation programmes and increased efficiency of related processes.

It was interesting for both us and our clients to review the impact of our work together, and helps with future goal setting for client marketing teams, their boards and our own team at Spring.