I have just emerged, blinking, from a ‘Digital Leaders Briefing’ with speakers including a rather jet-lagged Ross Sleight, the CSO of mobile specialist Somo, and Ogilvy’s Innovation Director, Nicole Yershon.

Much of the content was completely in line with the direction in which Spring is taking our clients, and it’s always good to hear from other – larger, or more niche – agencies about new channels, research and campaign experience, which can really add depth to our own work.

I’ll share more of what came out of the briefing on this blog, but for now I’d like to focus on a stat quoted by Mads Holmen of  goviral, the branded video distribution specialist, which really seized my attention.

Video which has a happy factor, or a surprise factor, earns 80% higher view rate, and three times higher click rate, than video without that emotional pull.

That’s a significant difference.

We underpin our creative approach with sound strategic thinking, and set clear KPI’s to ensure it does its job. But this big, fat and utterly quantifiable fact completely reinforces the importance of good creative concepts, and of marketing which focuses on the positives.

Campaigns which resonate – campaigns which amuse, delight, surprise – are not just fun, but financial winners. That’s a very happy thought indeed.