Spring’s Look Sideways – East cultural tourism project has just secured three more years of funding from Arts Council England. Brilliantly, the funding will develop and sustain the success and positive work we’ve done since the project launched in 2015.

CBSO 15 November 2016

Together with further contributions from Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, the new funding will ensure that the Look Sideways – East project – which we’ve managed since its launch – will continue until at least the end of 2020.

Via a variety of initiatives, the project has enabled some very valuable progress in encouraging tourism and arts organisations to work more collaboratively, and is really raising the profile of arts and culture in the East. The ultimate aim is to bring in more cultural tourists and increase their economic impact, a goal which we’re well on our way to achieving – in just the first year of the campaign we saw a 15% increase in cultural tourists.

One major aim of the project from 2018 onwards will be to ensure the sustainability and self-sufficiency of progress. Further digital assets will also be developed and five great annual arts events from across the East have been identified to receive particular support in growing their impact, including the Felixstowe Book Festival, North Norfolk’s Coast Festival and the Bury St Edmunds Festival.

This is all going to ensure that the East will continue to be seen as a highly creative, innovative place, and we’re really excited about continuing to play our part in it!


Image: Aldeburgh Festival 2016.