When I first started at Spring, one of the first things I noticed was how active all the other Springers are.


There’s Glen, who cycles into work every day without fail, rain or shine (and in 2016, covered an incredible 10,000 miles), Nikki HG, who is always in either running or cycling kit (read about one of her amazing cycling achievements here), Lynton and George, who gave up many lunch times – and braved freezing seafront winds – to train for the Adnams 10k in November and Erika who ran 100 miles last September and will be running 120 miles in May.

This, combined with the fact that almost everyone in the office makes use of Spring’s complimentary ‘gym Fridays’, made me feel a little bit inadequate, and extremely unfit. So in January, inspired by my colleagues’ numerous sporting achievements over the previous few months, I decided to sign up for the Norwich Half Marathon in April.

I was soon joined by Lynton, and we found a 12-week training plan that would take us right up to the date of the race itself. We were doing so well! Then we actually started training. After a good start, it became increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves, especially when the weather was awful and it got dark at 3pm.

7th April rolled around extremely quickly, and in an unfortunate turn of events it was the hottest day of the year so far. It was a hard race (not that my pace could be described as racing in any way) but it was a great atmosphere, with lots of supporters around the course – some who had even dragged their garden hoses up to the road to give the runners some respite from the heat! And to make the moment of crossing the finish line even better, fellow Springer James – who sounded like he’d had a much more enjoyable morning – was there to welcome us, after taking many unflattering shots of us in the final, painful stages of the run, and to give us a final Spring in our step.

I don’t think I’ll be signing up for any more running challenges anytime soon, but Lynton has mentioned doing a marathon next year, so watch this space…