Back in 2018 Erika was on the Digital Apprenticeship route panel at the Institute for Apprenticeships as an entrepreneur advisor. Fast-track to 2020 and it’s been a real joy to welcome Mason Gardner to Spring as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

We chatted to Mason about what his working life involves at Spring, amidst the challenges caused by Covid 19, and how he’s progressing.

I get the chance to work on a variety of things, and I’m guided by my direct manager and one of the senior team through daily check ins, regular mentoring and a development spreadsheet. The tasks that are listed are usually ones I have done some work on and need to understand more or just gain confidence on. They add a small amount of new things too, that I need to learn and understand.

At the end of the month I have a chat with Katie and Chris and we go through each task. Then we decide if we can tick it off the spreadsheet or not. For the task to be ticked off we need to all agree I have enough confidence and knowledge of it, if not then we won’t tick it off.

I have the spreadsheet as a way to learn as I can’t tick a task off unless I have told Katie and Chris a good definition, or shown them I can deliver it consistently. It is useful as it is a way to review and know if I understand or not.

I definitely think it is helping me as I can work through the list during the month, tick things off and then report to Katie and Chris, so it helps me gain confidence in what I am learning. That catch up at the end of the month helps me remember what each task is and how to do it.

One lesson I have taken is to have confidence in myself when carrying out tasks. When I first started working for Spring I always tended to overthink things and then start to question myself. I have started to do less of that now and it is helping me complete tasks I have been given.

I am really looking forward to going back into the office with everyone as I haven’t got to experience that yet.