As sport starts to take its first small steps back to normality, it’s the perfect time for the latest MH Goals catalogue to launch.

You may think in the digital age there’s no longer a place for print. After all, Yellow Pages has gone completely online, and even Argos has retired its famous catalogue (a mistake in our eyes and the death of a pre-Christmas ritual for children for decades).

However, one of the basic rules of marketing is to go where your customers are, and overwhelmingly the MH Goals client base prefers having a real catalogue to leaf through rather than only being able to browse digitally. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the physical nature of their jobs, the majority are the are hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves type of people. Perhaps it’s the fact a decent internet connection is hard to come by when much of your work takes place in the middle of a field. Or maybe it’s just that muddy hands and expensive electrical equipment don’t mix. Whatever the reason, thousands of copies have been printed, and they’ll soon be found in groundsmen’s sheds, club boardrooms and school staffrooms across the country (and beyond).

This year’s edition is the biggest ever, with the number of pages easily going past the century mark. Each has been lovingly styled, designed, typeset and artworked by Sean, with the brand’s retro lines theme providing a connection which runs throughout the catalogue. The whole thing is wrapped in an incredibly eye-catching cover, with the logo lit up by a blaze of light emanating from a stadium full of ecstatic fans – something we hope we’ll see again in the not too distant future.